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Tomorrow, the World: The Birth of U.S. Global Supremacy [Wertheim, as the phantom of isolationism is held to be the most grievous sin, all is permitted. Tomorrow, the World! is a black-and-white film directed by Leslie Fenton and starring Fredric March, Betty Field, and Agnes Moorehead, about a young. Wertheim delves into an important bit of history to try to pinpoint exactly when and why the United States embraced the global military supremacy that. In Tomorrow, the World: The Birth of U.S. Global Supremacy, Stephen Wertheim challenges the myth that the United States reluctantly acquired. In Tomorrow, the World, Stephen Wertheim traces America's transformation to the off "isolationism" only after all potential competitors lay in ruins. Then, suddenly, it conceived a new role for itself as the world's armed superpower—and never looked back. In Tomorrow, the World, Stephen. The emergence of the new world order after WWII is shrouded in many myths, but the most influential of these is the one about the American. Significantly, the Council on Foreign Relations itself gets the most coverage, and more pages, than any other subject in this book. After all, “. Tomorrow, the World!: Directed by Leslie Fenton. With Fredric March, Betty Field, Agnes Moorehead, Joan Carroll. German boy Emil comes to live with his. This is a book about how America gained the ambition to attain and maintain what Wertheim at various points refer to as “armed supremacy over.

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