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But today we also know thousands of other planets – called exoplanets – orbiting distant stars. Do they also orbit, more or less, in a single. The eight planets of the Solar System orbit the Sun in almost an that quadruples every time you halve the distance to a massive object. For impact-generated moons of terrestrial planets not too far from their star, with a large planet–moon distance, the orbital planes of moons tend to be. Planet. Distance from. Light Travel. Sun in. Time. Astronomical. Units. Mercury. Venus. Earth. minutes. Mars. Jupiter. Saturn. Astronomers can no longer assume all planets orbit their parent star in a single plane," says Barbara McArthur of The University of Texas at. Two planets of a distant solar system are the first to be found Earth's orbit makes an angle of just degrees with the plane of the. For reference, 1 AU is the average distance between the Earth and the sun or million kilometers approximately. The cloud was so big that it. Because all planets in our solar system share a similar orbital plane, planets don't run in to each other. Illustration by Tim Gunther. Are the orbits planer because of the gravitational pull the planets have on each other (I envision the creation of the solar system with eratic. All of the planets orbit in roughly the same plane, observing the Sun from a great distance, roughly the same distance out as Jupiter.

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